Why You Should Invest In Yourself This Year

The new year is upon us, and with a new year comes a fresh start. This could mean looking for a new job, striving to reach personal or professional goals, or anything else you might want to try out in 2018. If there is one thing you should consider, it’s why you should invest in yourself this year.

According to a study done by Glassdoor, 63% of Millennials believe their leadership skills are not being fully developed at work. This is a staggering percentage that could absolutely be improved, however if you fall into this category it’s important to realize that you can take matters into your own hands and invest in yourself this year. Invest in yourself by partaking in personal or professional development, creating an amazing resume, and by refining your personal brand.

Here’s one of the benefits

Have you ever stumbled upon an opportunity too great to pass up, only to find out that you need to apply for it as quick as possible? People find themselves in this situation more often that one might expect, and if you don’t have your resume updated and on hand, it could create a big problem. 89% of Glassdoor users are actively looking for a new job or would consider better opportunities. If you’re one of the majority, this reason alone is why you should invest in yourself this year and update your resume. If that isn’t enough, here are a few other factors that might persuade you to update this important document.

You never know what will happen or who you’ll meet

Part of investing in yourself and further developing your career is about being open to new opportunities and networking with the right people when you have the chance. You never know who you’ll meet or where you’ll meet them, but if you do meet a person with a connection, being proactive and having a killer resume to send them right away will greatly benefit you. If you want to cultivate relationships and establish trust, communicate clearly and in a timely manner. This means having a resume ready and on hand with all of your updated information. If someone feels as though they are waiting on you or have to hunt you down to get a hold of your resume, their interest will likely wane.

It’s much easier to add information as you go than remember information about past jobs

One of the biggest problems people make when writing a resume is not including specific metrics or achievements. “Subjective terms and clichés are seen as negative because they don’t convey real information. For instance, don’t say you are ‘results-driven’; show the employer your actual results,” says Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder.

It is absolutely important to highlight the specifics of your role, however if you’re only highlighting the job description and not your achievements, your resume will not be as effective as it could be. The longer you wait to update your resume, the harder it will be to recall specific information and achievements about your current or past job(s).

A good rule of thumb is to add a new job to your resume right as you start. Chances are you will have a job description given to you by HR, which will make it easy, and will help you out immensely in the long run. Same thing with new responsibilities and skills; adding them into your document as they come along ensures that you won’t forget about them later. You can always edit your resume to be more clear and concise, but finding previous material, descriptions, and project information is much harder. The sooner you start working on your resume, the easier it will be.

Investing in yourself and/or revamping your resume doesn’t automatically mean that you’re not happy in your current role

There seems to be a stigma that you must be unhappy where you are if you are working on your resume, or investing in yourself, however this is absolutely not the case. Being proactive about your resume and your professional development will benefit you by preparing you for the unknown, and giving you a leg up when the time does come for a new opportunity.


Writing about yourself if tough. It’s hard to remember and highlight specific information that reflects all you’ve achieved, but biting the bullet and revamping your resume is key to a successful career. It might not be your ideal way to spend the evening, but revamping your resume and investing in yourself this year will help you start fresh, and will give you the opportunity to be proactive when you come across your dream job.

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