This Statistic Will Make You Rethink Your Communication Skills

Think you’re a great communicator? This statistic will make you rethink your communication skills. According to PayScale, 46% of managers feel that recent graduates lack communication skills, and 44% feel that recent graduates lack clear writing skills. While these statistics do refer to recent graduates and not seasoned employees, other evidence suggests that this issue is rampant throughout the workforce. It’s estimated that 46% of employees rarely or never leave a meeting knowing what they’re supposed to do next.

This shows that communication needs to become more of a priority in education and in the workplace. When people don’t know what they are supposed to be doing or feel like there’s a lack of communication, productivity and confidence levels decline.

How you can brush up on your skills

Make sure that you communicate with your peers, managers, and colleagues to ensure that you’re all on the same page and nothing gets lost in translation. This will not only make your work more synchronized, but it will additionally promote respect and understanding. We’re all human and understand that unexpected events or situations arise, however if you don’t clearly communicate what you’re dealing with and feeling, people will not know and understand. If you don’t make your feelings and your situation clear, no one will be able to help.

Remember that communication is a two way street

While communicating what you need from others is critical, remember that you need to ask others what they need as well. One of the downfalls many people have when it comes to communication is that they forget to ask what is needed of them. You might be great at communicating to others, but you shouldn’t assume that others are doing the same.

Be sure to ask what is needed of you, what tasks need to be accomplished, and what deadlines need to be made. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and that all bases are covered. If you know someone is notorious for changing the plan without communicating, get the information in writing. Send an email asking for specifics or timeline information. That way if something does change without being clearly communicated, you can refer back to the email to show the exact information you received.

No one should have to hunt you down

You never want someone to feel as though they have to hunt you down. If you want to cultivate relationships and establish trust, communicate clearly and in a timely manner. If someone feels as though they have to hunt you down to get an answer, they more than likely won’t want to work with you. Be the one to follow through with them! Follow up to a conversation, send a quick reminder for a meeting, or send an email with highlights from your previous phone call. If someone can see your reliability, this will help establish you as a reputable source.


Almost half of managers feel that recent graduates can’t clearly communicate, and almost half of employees feel like they often don’t know what they’re doing. This statistic will make you rethink your communication skills, and make you want to be a better communicator. Make communication a priority, and it will help you stay on top of your tasks while also improving your reputation at work.

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