This Careless Error Could Tarnish Your Reputation

There’s been a lot of buzz about creating email templates to use in business. Whether they’re for a small business or sales emails or even pitch emails, templates can be a great time saver and a great way to increase continuity, however this careless error could tarnish your reputation. If you copy and paste an email template and forget to change the recipient’s information, your reputation could go down the drain!

Email templates can be really useful

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a template I use to describe my services to potential clients, and this works out great because it ensures that I provide everyone with the same set of detailed information, however I’m completely paranoid when it comes to the recipient information. To be honest, I don’t even have recipient information in my template and manually add it in each time just to ensure that I don’t include the wrong info.

But you have to be careful with them

I get a lot of emails asking about services with the wrong recipient information. My name happens to be right next to another local resume writer on Yelp, so I often get the cut and paste email from potential clients who are clearly shopping around for the best price and emailing everyone possible.

Why this careless error could tarnish your reputation

This doesn’t offend me, however it shows me that these people who email me with another resume writer’s name don’t care about quality and only care about getting the best price. Those people almost never end up as actual clients, and often end up proceeding with the low quality, low price option.

One important thing to note is that these potential clients are truly “shopping around” so the wrong name isn’t super offensive. It merely shows that they don’t care. On the other hand, if someone clearly copy and pasted and email and included the wrong recipient information mid conversation, this careless error could tarnish your reputation big time. This careless error shows disrespect and lack of attention to detail.


If you’re someone who loves to use templated responses to ensure consistency throughout your business or throughout your communication, be sure to triple check the recipient information and check that all of the information throughout the email is relevant to your conversation. If you send an email that is obviously a template or has the wrong recipient information, this careless error could tarnish your reputation.

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