Looking for a career boost and don’t know where to start? Get a kick start with this comprehensive package! Ensure that you’re making the right moves for YOU with this package.

  • Updated resume/CV + consultation to ensure you have a document that makes you stand out.
  • Updated cover letter + consultation to give you the tool to show employers who you really are and why you want the job.
  • LinkedIn overhaul or creation, including information on what groups to join, and leveraging connections.
  • Resume posted across multiple job boards to ensure you are searchable and accessible so recruiters and hiring managers can find you/reach out to you.
  • Networking consultation on how to utilize current connections, send proper emails, and information on professional organizations

I’ll show you how to network and build a professional circle of contacts, how to present yourself, and how to ensure that you’re leveraging all of this to the best of your ability. Gain the business savvy you need to get the job you want, and have fun while doing it!


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