Michele was so incredibly kind, helpful, insightful, and efficient in helping me optimize my resume and cover letter. She answered all my questions and gave amazing and immensely helpful career advice. Michele is friendly and personable, and really cares about helping you improve not only your resume and cover letter, but overall professional and personal growth. Michele took my resume to a whole new level and really gave me the tools to succeed in my job search and was so happy to answer all my questions, help me prep for interviews, give me tips for optimizing my LinkedIn, and overall job search tips so I can be as successful as possible in my job search! I loved my first session with her so much and found it so helpful that I booked a second one the following week to further our conversations and mentorship. I would highly recommend Michele to anyone seeking career advice, resume help, or overall mentorship as you’re trying to grow professionally and make any transition!!

Lauren N.


I have used the same resume format for my whole professional career. I have been struggling to move into a new field, and my new resume has put me on the map like never before. Michele quickly identified what I was missing, and got back my resume within a day. She helped me highlight the skills that my new employer was looking for. I have applied to the same bank a number of times, and this is the first time I have moved into the interview process. This is just what I needed to accelerate my career, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her service.

Alex S.


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Michele’s professionalism and efficiency in re-creating a resume for me. We emailed and worked together and in the end I received a stand out resume from Michele that I am very proud of. Yesterday I emailed my resume to a prospective employer and within an hour I got a call back for an interview!

Again, Michele is pleasant, great to work with, her work product is professional and up to date and the turn around time was quick. A great investment for your career.

Denise S.


If you want a professional resume` done right, you don’t have to look any further!  Michele transformed both my medical & business resumes` into what today’s employers are looking for!  After the weekend of updating my job boards with the new resumes` that Michele prepared for me, I started getting calls at 8am, Monday morning!  Do yourself & your career justice right now & contact Michele Lando Professional Resume Writer!  Thank you so much Michele!

Eric W.


I recently used Michele’s resume service to transform what two other resume services couldn’t accomplish – a professional, relevant, and well articulated resume and cover letter. After supplying her with a few previous versions and a short phone call, Michele produced a resume which has led me to several interviews and has received some great feed back. I recently attended an industry conference where they offered a resume review service and the feedback I received was “There’s nothing we would recommend changing – Its outstanding!” I also utilized her LinkedIn profile page service and that too was outstanding. I highly recommend Michele’s services to anyone wanting to make a career change and looking for professional documents.

Harry A.


Michele has done a superb job with my Resume and Cover letter. The response I have already received has been amazing and it has only been a few weeks . She’s honest, efficient and very knowledgeable.  Her capabilities to transform and send you to the next level in your career is very impressive. She listens, very detail oriented and very patient.

Paula C.


I did not know such a service exited before I ran into Michelle’s resume service, by far best decision ever made, she listens to your needs and will create a wonderful resume modeled to you and what you desire, if you don’t like something she has no problem changing things. She’s very knowledgable and makes your resume stand out from your typical resume. I have received great compliments in regards to my resume and would recommend her services, it’s well worth it, and the best part is the turn around time is very fast, it would have taken me more than a week to create one half as good as hers. It’s money well spent.

Jesse B.


All I can tell you is Michelle did an amazing job with jumbled thoughts to a beautifully written resume and cover letter. I am expecting a great response with future prospects! She did high qaulity work and finished in no time. Thank you!

Kelly C.


Wow! this service really helped me out. I am applying to a graduate program and I have to turn my CV into a resume, which means highly cluttered and not much organization.  My resume was returned to me promptly with formatting corrections that I never thought of. I definitely recommend this service.

– Enrique D.


If your looking for perfection, look no further. Michele offers the best service: professionalism, experience, quality, and quick service. I come from a background in management and she was able to express the level and standard in the regional position I applied for. My resume stood out and was very impressive.

– Alex G.


Michele completely reworked and improved my resume. She spotted some glaring issues that I hadn’t noticed and revised my errors in a timely and professional manner. Michele helped arrange my resume in a way that was most suitable for the jobs I was applying to and gave me advice for how to organize it in the future. She thoroughly updated the wording on my resume to be more concise and professional.

She knows what she’s doing and you can trust her with your resume.

– Marcel C.


I had already created a resume but was unsure of its quality so I thought I’d give Michele Lando’s service a go.

And I’m very glad I did. Michele was very quick to take my resume and make some very smart changes ranging from the look-and-feel, to sentence structures, to quantitative information about my talents I hadn’t even thought to include. I was especially impressed by her strong understanding of what the hiring managers (for that particular job I was applying for) are looking for and her ability to present my qualities in the most favorable light.

– Rumman R.


Michele thank you very much for all your help! Michele you’ve made my resume look appealing and professional. I’m glad you assisted me with the resume, not only did you highlight the needed content but thanks to you I got an interview. Actually I did not get the position I applied for, I GOT A BETTER ONE!! Thank you. Michele is very detailed and will definitely make any resume stand apart.  She is great in customizing resumes to fit any field in the workforce.   With my resume she did an amazing job in highlighting my experience and education to make me the perfect candidate.

– Teofilo P.


I found Michele on Yelp and I am so glad I trusted my instincts to call her. She has an absolutely beautiful personality and her work is outstanding.  Michele completely transformed my entire resume and created a new cover letter for me, both of which I am so proud of now. She was able to professionally  highlight the skills and abilities I possess that are sure to help me to move into the career  field I am looking forward to working in.

– Amalda H.


Michele is very personable and gets to know each of her clients so she can help them achieve their career goals.

She transformed my resume and cover letter to not only look professional but really showcase all my talents. Michele helped me switch fields of work and determine my skills that would translate between industries which seemed very unrelated… I even got the job!!

– Regina H.


Michele was excellent at helping me rewriting 2 different resumes that I had requested. This was done in a very timely manner. Michele has a very positive and professional attitude about obtaining the desired results that I was looking for. She is very easy to communicate with, and was always available for any questions that I had. I would highly recommend Michele to get the results that anyone is looking for.

– Don G.


Michele helped me rewrite my resume to make it look more professional and reader friendly. I am looking for a career change and have many skills but all of my work experience has been in retail. She highlighted my skills to make my resume more appealing to employers in the career path that I am looking to go into.

– Maria G.


Michele did an excellent job updating my resume! Very pleased with the results!

-Bridget D.


Michelle has an incredible talent for cultivating an image that is apparent to anyone who has met her. Her help rewriting my resume was invaluable and made my job search far more productive. She transformed my resume into something I was proud of and that set me apart from other candidates. Michelle’s professionalism and insight helped make me a more confident applicant, and communicate my talents to employers. I owe a great deal of my success to Michelle’s help.

– Kealan B. 



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