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How to Dress When It’s Too Hot To Function

How to Dress When It's Too Hot To Function

It’s the age old dilemma: How to dress when it’s too hot. There’s been a massive heat wave in Southern California, and as a native San Franciscan, I’m totally melting! Unfortunately work doesn’t stop when it’s hot outside, so dressing appropriately for work while combating the summer sun is key. It can be hard to […] Read more…

Ladies, Are You Dressing Appropriately For Work?

Ladies, Are You Dressing Appropriately For Work?

Men have it pretty simple in the sense that they will always be wearing some form of a pant and (preferably button down) shirt, but for women, there is a world of options  for dressing appropriately for work. Every job has a different dress code, and typically this will be discussed when an offer is […] Read more…

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