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What To Wear For Your Next Interview

According to data released in the 2013 Job Interview Anxiety Survey, 92% of employed Americans get stressed out about job interviews, but it’s not just the actual interview that stresses people out. Figuring out what to wear for your next interview can often become just as stress inducing as wondering what questions they will ask […] Read more…

How To Spice Up Your White Button Down Shirt

It’s easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same outfit over and over again, and while there’s nothing wrong with embracing a style or outfit that you love, it can get boring after a while. I tend to revert back to my basic white blouse when I don’t know what to wear, so […] Read more…

The Best Clothing for Your Day Off

The Best Clothing for Your Day Off

I talk a lot about how to dress for work and look polished and professional in a rush, but today I wanted to talk about the best clothing for your day off. Speaking from a personal perspective, I still want to look put together, but when I’m not working I want to be comfortable. Find […] Read more…

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