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Your Complete Guide to Dress Codes

Summer is upon us and with the season comes weddings, parties, and all sorts of festivities. It’s all fun and games until you have to decipher what the dress codes stand for and what you should be wearing. Relax, this is your complete guide to dress codes and what they really mean. Let’s start off […] Read more…

How to Layer Jewelry Like a Pro

How to Layer Jewelry Like a Pro

I love jewelry, which means that most of the time I can’t pick just one piece to wear, so I wanted to talk about how to layer jewelry like a pro. I find that a lot of people are intimidated by the fact of mixing and matching different pieces of jewelry, but it’s really easy […] Read more…

What to Wear for a Coffee Meeting

The infamous coffee meeting. Grabbing a cup of coffee with a potential employer or professional contact seems simple enough until you realize that you have no idea what to wear for a coffee meeting. This can seem even more bewildering when you’re meeting on the weekend. How casual or formal should you go? Take note […] Read more…

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